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Main Problem

New launchpads in the crypto industry are launching daily. There are more than 5,000 different platforms. The community does not receive any news about what exactly is going on in crypto world. The most critical information bypasses users and is not collected anywhere.


First solution that collects all the launches.


Launch Hunter’s vision is to become a market-leading aggregator and comparison engine that allows the community to view, collect, analyze, download, and share the latest information about the top projects and launchpads in crypto.


In addition to all our unique services, we want to create the perfect community that will help keep track of new trends on the network.


About us

First crypto aggregator which provides information about the recent and upcoming launches, their respective platforms and gives the community a sense of clarity about their pros and cons within one single user-friendly platform.

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Unique product

Stop googling. Get all information about launches on the unique platform.


Follow the trends and ratings of different launches by observing the community's opinions.

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Don't miss any launches. We will notify you via Email or Telegram before it starts

Analisys and ratings

We are market leader in projects evaluating, creating project ratings and expressing our opinion on suitability for the industry and the crypto community.


Q2 2021
  • Problem definition
  • Project goal
Q3 2021
  • Planning, research, strategy
  • Branding guideline development.
  • Informational kit development
Q4 2021
  • Token economy and utility development
  • Technical media platform onboarding
  • Media platform development
  • Website development
  • White paper & pitch deck dev
Q1 2022
  • Token development
  • Partnership formation
  • Legal opinion and set up
  • Advisory board formation
  • Close strategic partnership
  • Launchpad design
  • Marketing wrap up
Q2 2022
  • Media Platform administration
  • Marketing for MP
Q3 2022
  • Launchpad development
  • Token smart contract development
  • Seed and private token sale
  • Investor relations
  • Marketing for MP&Launchpad
  • Analytic team formation
Q4 2022
  • Analytic team formation
  • Escrow implementation
  • Launchpad marketing
  • Media Platform SEO and subscribers number increasing
  • Public token sale
  • DEX and CEX listings
Q1 2023
  • LH smart contract escrow development
  • Analytic procedures for Launchpad
  • Support Decision Board formation